NLD9SP2 i386 KDE UBCO Template Install


This article is intended for UBCO ITS staff but could be applied to anyone wanting to install NLD9 SP2

This tutorial assusmes that you are relatively comfortable in the UNIX world and have the CD ISO's mentioned below available. We will also assume that you will not be setting up a dual boot workstation.


While there are 64bit (mostly 64bit extensions) CPU's on the market this is intended as a 32bit only documentation. Currently there is no support for the Novell Client for Linux (NCL) in the 64 bit architecture. If you wish to proceed with 64 bit installation this guide will likely not match your installation process.

As such we will be dealing with the 32 bit Novell Linux Desktop (NLD) Evaluation distribution for 32-bit architecture using the cd isos that are publicly available:

Novell Linux Desktop Evaluation Homepage

The basic install is to prep the system for the custom UBCO template script that will install and configure additional packages for PAM LDAP authentication, Media Player, VPN Software, Novell Client for Linux, Identification Scripts, Evolution configuration, etc


Dowload the NLD CDs as well as NLDSP2 CDs from novell website
Boot from NLDSP2 Disk 1 CD
Select Installation
Inset NLD Disk 1 When Prompted
Agree to the License Agreement
Select English for the Language
Select Default Desktop: KDE
Under Installation Settings Default Installation options should be chosen except

	- Change Timezone (Canada - Pacific - localtime)
	- Modify partition information if necessary (ie: delete windows partition if exists)
		- Create Custom partition setup - Next
		- Next
		- Delete Windows completely - Next
	- Change Booting -> Edit -> Do Not Install Any Boot Loader -> Continue
	- Change Software -> Detailed Selection
		- Change Filter to "Search"
		- In the Search field type in "ximian-connector" and click on Search
		- Select ximian-connector (for evolution e-mail)
		- Do the same for:
			tsclient (Windows Terminal Services Client)
			gftp (FTP Client)
		- Ensure the following packages are installed
		- Click on Accept
		- Click on Continue

Click on Accept->Yes, install
Insert NLDSP2 Disk 1 CD When Prompted
Insert NLDSP2 Disk 2 CD When Prompted
Insert NLD Disk 1 CD When Prompted
Insert NLD Disk 2 CD When Prompted
Insert NLD Disk 3 CD When Prompted
On Reboot select Boot from Hard Disk
Create root password and Click Next
Click Next
Test Connection to the Internet
Click Next
No, Skip Online Update
Local (/etc/passwd)
Next (Empty User Login->Yes)
Click Next
Click Next
Click Next
Start Yast Control Center
Disable Powersaved from Yast2->System->RunLevel Editor
Click on Close to exit Yast
Click Finish


If you are not planning on installing the ubco template information you can stop here.

Login as root
Open a terminal session
# cd /usr/local/src/
Downlad the
# tar -xzf
# cd UBCO_Template/NLD9SP2/
# ./
Don't forget to create a printer (from your ITS account): KMenu->Admin Tools->Printer Manager

Post Install Configure
You can re-identify the machine at any time
Login with your ITS account and run N->Admin Tools->Identify Workstation
Create the printer for the workstation N->Admin Tools->Printer Manager