This HOWTO has been posted to the opensuse-Mailinglist and I think it should be made public here as well. This HOWTO has been worked out on SUSE Linux 9.3 pro together with BETA1 and BETA2. These instructions apply to BETA2 but can be adjusted to BETA1 accordingly. You need the Packages "autoyast" and "autoyast-utils" in order to get this to work.

--Macmewes 11:17, 19 Aug 2005 (MDT)

* First download all CDs from a mirror near to you

* Then mount loop all the images

# mkdir -p /mnt/SL10B2CD01 && mount -o loop /path/to/iso/SUSE-10.0-CD-OSS-i386-Beta2-CD1.iso /mnt/SL10B2CD01

# mkdir -p /mnt/SL10B2CD02 && mount -o loop /path/to/iso/SUSE-10.0-CD-OSS-i386-Beta2-CD2.iso /mnt/SL10B2CD02

# mkdir -p /mnt/SL10B2CD03 && mount -o loop /path/to/iso/SUSE-10.0-CD-OSS-i386-Beta2-CD3.iso /mnt/SL10B2CD03

# mkdir -p /mnt/SL10B2CD04 && mount -o loop /path/to/iso/SUSE-10.0-CD-OSS-i386-Beta2-CD4.iso /mnt/SL10B2CD04

# mkdir -p /mnt/SL10B2CD05 && mount -o loop /path/to/iso/SUSE-10.0-CD-OSS-i386-Beta2-CD5.iso /mnt/SL10B2CD05

* Then copy the contents of all the mounts into a safe place. Maybe like this:

# mkdir -p /tmp/sl10b2dvd

# cp -rfvp /mnt/SL10B2CD01/* /tmp/sl10b2dvd

# cp -rfvp /mnt/SL10B2CD02/* /tmp/sl10b2dvd

# cp -rfvp /mnt/SL10B2CD03/* /tmp/sl10b2dvd

# cp -rfvp /mnt/SL10B2CD04/* /tmp/sl10b2dvd

# cp -rfvp /mnt/SL10B2CD05/* /tmp/sl10b2dvd

* Now you can umount the mounts

# umount /mnt/SL10B2CD01

# umount /mnt/SL10B2CD02

# umount /mnt/SL10B2CD03

# umount /mnt/SL10B2CD04

# umount /mnt/SL10B2CD05

* Now change into the new path with the copied CDs. As we only get one installation media you can safely delete every directory not named "media.1"

# cd /tmp/sl10b2dvd

# rm -rf media.2 media.3 media.4 media.5

* Now change into the directory "media.1" and alter the file "media" with an editor of you choice. The original file will show the number "5" as normally the installation should go from a five CD-set. Please alter it to "1" and save the file.

# cd /tmp/sl10b2dvd/media.1

# joe media

# rm -f media~

* Now we need to re-create the package description files making YaST know where the files are. Make sure everything inside the "boot" directory has write permissions. You may see some errors but you can safely ignore them.

# chmod 777 -Rv /tmp/sl10b2dvd/boot

# cd /tmp/sl10b2dvd/suse

# create_package_descr -x setup/descr/EXTRA_PROV -l english -l spanish -l french -l german -l czech -l hungarian -l italian

* Now let's write the ISO. Please write the following in one single line.

# mkisofs -v -V SU100OSS.001 -r -J -l -L -P "SuSE Linux AG" \

-b "boot/loader/isolinux.bin" \

-c "boot/loader/" \

-no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table \

-graft-points -o /tmp/openSuSE-10.0-beta2-DVD.iso \


* You may use this ISO-Image as a virtual DVD for VMware or - last but not least - burn it to a real DVD :-)

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