UBCO SLED10 Installation

A/ SLED10 Initial Install Phase

Default Install: Notes on what needs to be changed later

1) Time Zone: Canada->Pacific, Localtime
2) Partitioning:
- Custom Partitioning (for experts)
- Delete /home
- Delete /
- Create->Primary, Accept defaults (should be reiserfs, mount point of '/', and should use rest of space
3) Software:
- Remove Gnome
- Add KDE
- Add Novell Applications

Proceed with Initial Install

B/ SLED10 Post Install Base Configuration

1) Hostname: Accept defaults

2) Set root password

3) Configuration: Accept defaults (change firewall to disabled?)

4) Customer Care: Test Connection to Internet, Check for updates

5) User Authentication: Local (Don't create an account yet)

6) Hardware Configuration: Accept Defaults

7) Finish and Login

C/ SLED10 UBCO Configuration