PTZ Logitech Webcam GUI Control

As usual I got fed up with the way something was working and made something myself.  I make no promises that this will work for anyone but me :) but you can have a go at it.  I should let you know that I am not a python programmer.  I butchered together what works for me, and it isn't very fancy, but feel free to take it and make it better.  I am sure someone out there will find this handy.

I should clarify that this isn't true PTZ control of a logitech webcam.  The zoom portion, I believe, is only handled in software.  However, you can control pan and tilt.  The buttons aren't very fancy and the status icon is not pretty but it was quick and dirty so don't nitpick!  If you would like to control focus you can use the -devel version I have included.

The purpose of this is to give a gui pan and tilt control interface for the uvcdynctrl under linux.  You have tilt up, tilt down, pan left, pan right, reset, focus for the -devel version, and a systray icon you can keep the application running in.  If you don't have uvcdynctrl this won't work.  The pan and tilt values can be adjusted in the code itself so if you want more pan/tilt increase the values.  If you want to reverse the pan left/right buttons just swap the +/- values.  It is really straight forward.  One day I may make it smarter, clean it up, make pretty icons - but I doubt it.  I am guessing there is something really fancy in the works by someone out there.

Other than that, enjoy.



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