Editing Distro List on Local OBS Server

When SLE11 was released I went to start building my packages on our local OBS for SLE11.  However, the distro was not yet available in the list of available distributions.  What I discovered was the list of distributions/repositories is in a hard-coded list.  To edit this list go to:


There is also an add_target_simple.rhtml.template file but I am not sure what the purpose is.  I didn't spend a whole lot of time trying to figure it out.  To add SLE11 (SLES/SLED11) to the list of available distrubutions all I had to do was add the following line in the appropriate section:

<li><%= simple_repo_button_to "SLES/SLED 11", :reponame => "SLE_11", :repo => 'SUSE:SLE-11/standard', :arch => [:i586, :x 86_64] %></li>


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