OBS - Using different spec files for different platforms

This comes directly from the Build Service/Tips and Tricks page:

In an ideal world, you would have a single spec file which worked on all RPM-based platforms past, present, and future. In reality, though, often a single spec file either isn't possible, or would require so many %if branches in your spec file that it would be unreadable.

Fortunately, the build service has a way in which you can use multiple spec files for individual platforms.

Imagine that you have a package named "foo" and a spec file in it called "foo.spec". Let's assume that this spec file works great for SUSE-based distributions like openSUSE, SLES, and SLED, but differences in the package layout mean that you really need a separate spec file to build for a completely different distribution like Fedora. If the repository in the build service is named "Fedora_Extras_6", you can create a spec file called "foo-Fedora_Extras_6.spec", which will be built only for that platform instead of using "foo.spec".

The only real downside to this is that it only works on an individual repository basis. There is no way to use a single spec file for multiple repositories. Revisiting the example above, if you wanted to build "foo" for Fedora Extras 4, 5 and 6, you would have to create three spec files: "foo-Fedora_Extras_4.spec", "foo-Fedora_Extras_5.spec", and "foo-Fedora_Extras_6.spec" even if each of these spec files is exactly the same.

A good example package which actually uses this is the "net-snmp-main-snapshot" package in the net-snmp project.

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