iPhone 3G 3.1.2 Blackra1n Jailbreak

It took some doing but my steps (and if you are here you tried many already) were the following:

* This assumes your phone is currently plugged in via usb and on.

1) Disable Anti-virus
2) Stopped the following services: Bonjour Service, iPod Service
3) Closed iTunes and killed all iTunes apps running but kept AppleMobileDeviceService.exe running
4) Started blackra1n (disabling the check security thing) and ran as admin and clicked on make it rain
5) When it got stuck at the USB->Itunes screen I held down on Power and Home
6) A message popped up from blackra1n but left it all running (don't close it)
7) Ran blackra1n as admin again but didn't click on the Make it rain button
8 ) Turned on the iphone (while plugged into the usb cable still)
9) Once the iphone started I click on make it rain
10) Finally saw the image I had been waiting to see and waited for reboot.

I actually repeated steps 5-9 again (at this point 3 copies of blackra1n were running) and it finally worked. Then sat back and waited for the reboot. Have patience - it will work!

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