IT Transparancy

The project theme for 2010 is making IT Research Support more transparent and utilize new and existing technologies for community involvement and development.  I am very excited about moving down this road as it is a very new idea for the work we do here at UBCO.

In an effort to make the work that we do for IT Research Support more transparent we will be publishing an IT Research Support - News and Updates blog using Kablink Teaming.  The blog will be publicly viewable and contain RSS and Atom feeds for those that want to keep up to date.   Information will be of a wide range including upgrades of existing services, new services being rolled out, links to documentation and features, as well as events and announcements.  It is far to early to say that this will be of value to anyone but at the very least it will provide documentation of the work we have done and how we are dedicated to building a world class organization for research and technical support.

Here are the relevant links: Blog, RSS, Atom

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