Local Build Server, Redmine, SUSE Studio, oh my!

I have been working on a lot of projects this week and have slacked off documenting all the work that I have done.  A lot of my time was spent in meetings this week but I also managed to get quite a bit more accomplished.

First of all, SUSE Studio.  I can't say enough about this website.  Basically, it is going to drastically reduce the amount of time I have to spend on Linux distro management.  I have updated our local redmine project management software with a few articles that may be of interest (although, they are still works in progress).

How to install your UBCO Linux Installation Media
How to Build Your Own Distro

I also upgrade Redmine to the latest version and documented the internal procedure for upgrading.

Upgrading Redmine at UBCO

There was also quite a bit of work done on our local package server that runs our Build Server and repository mirrors.  Upgrading was definately not a smooth process as I had to upgrade from SLES 10 SP2 to SLES 10 SP3 and finally SLES 11 all under a paravirtualized XEN domU.  It was relatively straight forward but there were a few hickups.

If you are planning on upgrading your Local Build Service I would strongly recommend looking at the OBS Appliance as a solution.  If not, make sure you read all of the README files for details (and hints) on how to get things up and running.  Make sure you also upgrade your obs-worker packages on your client machines as they will also need to be upgraded.

That pretty much sums up the week so far.  Hopefully I will add a document on how to upgrade SLES 10 to SLES 11 in and XEN domU for those of you that are interested.

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