Upgrading SLE10 paravirtualized domU to SLE11

In order to upgrade to SLE11 from SLE10 you must boot from the disk image. Unfortunately, this is not that easy to do for a paravirtualized domU in XEN. The following procedure should work for any SLE10->11 upgrades on a paravirtualized domU.

Shutdown the domU

Shutdown the domU requiring the upgrade before proceeding any further. To verify that the machine is shutdown login to the dom0 as root and make sure that the state is empty using the following command

# xm list


Make sure that you backed up both the working config and the disk image itself. For example:

# xm list -l <domU> > /var/lib/xen/vm/<domU>.xfg
# cp -a /var/lib/xen/images/<domU> /var/lib/xen/images/backup

Create a new Virtual Machine

Using virt-manager, create a new domU and attach the disk file of the old domU (/var/lib/xem/images/<domU>/disk0). Also ensure that you assign it the same mac address as the original domU as well as the bridge devide (ie: vlan). The mac address can be found in the backup config file you created earlier in /var/lib/xem/vm/<domU>.xfg as well as the bridge device if required.

For the installation source make sure you copy the installation media to the dom0 and point the installer towards the iso file.

Install and Upgrade

Because you have chosen an existing disk image the SLE11 installer should recognize that this is to be an upgrade. If it does not recognize the upgrade process do not continue. You will likely have to start the process again and make sure that you did not miss any steps.

Post Installation Procedure

Once the installation has completed you can shut down the new domU and start up the old one. To start the old domU simply run:

# xm start <domU>

Note: If the domU does not start because of "kernel not found" errors make sure that you view the config of the new-domU you created and compare the bootloader_args with the original domU config.

To delete the temporary domU you created run the following command:

# xm delete <new-domU>

domU Client Tasks

Make sure that you change the software repositories after you have installed and update any required packages.

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